Why CKF?

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Get to know the story behind the brand

Cross Kicks Fitness™ was founded by two longtime friends who shared a strong passion for fitness and health. As they grew older, life got in the way and they were faced with the challenges that most of face every day; staying healthy.

Fast forward to 2009 where T. Patrick (Founder) was nearly 450 pounds, with high blood pressure, and a 63-inch waist. One day at a doctor visit his physician told him if he didn’t change his lifestyle his life span would be at great risk. He was told health problems would begin to ensue, and the only thing helping him was his young age of 31.

Not being a stranger to fitness, he went back to his local gym. He ate lean and green foods and was eliminating refined sugars, processed carbohydrates, wheat, and some grains. Within no time at all, he was losing weight and inches, until he hit a plateau.

By this time he had lost about 125 pounds. Frustrated and willing to do whatever it took to lose the rest of the weight, he hired a personal trainer. The weight started coming off again, but at a price. He was going broke trying to become healthy, so he quit the trainer and started paying for classes, which was more affordable.

Soon it became difficult for him to constantly shift around his schedule to line up with the class times. T.Patrick thought, why isn’t there a facility with no class times, a trainer always included, and for a reasonable price? He recognized a void in the market for this service. He realized that he was the target customer, and he began putting a plan together.

In summer of 2013 he enlisted his longtime friend and personal trainer Tony Wuebker as his business partners and together they started Cross Kicks Fitness™. After many lengthy discussions, they realized the void in the market place, and how they could make an impact on people’s lives by delivering a new concept in the fitness space. They started their first location in Roselle, Illinois with plans to continue growing. They have expanded their team of trainers that share their desire to help people achieve fitness success. The success and excitement of the members and training staff is what has driven the business to expand so rapidly. Today there are four Cross Kicks Fitness™ locations in Roselle, Algonquin, Lake Zurich, and Hoffman Estates, Illinois. With plans to grow the business into Florida and California, they continue to expand their business and extend their passion for health and fitness to new communities.